Praying mantids

Praying mantids are very easy to care for, clean and amazing to watch, they require little maintenance and a container only a few times larger than the mantis itself, enough room for moulting to take place with several sticks for them to hold on to.  Small nymphs thrive on fruit fly's and even medium nymphs feast on them, very small (micro crickets are also good for small nymphs, large nymphs will eat larger crickets, hoppers curly fly's and sometimes each other (depends on species).  Easy species to keep include R. Basilis, H. membranacea, P. paradoxa and even H. coronatus (contrary to popular opinion this species is very easy to keep but harder to breed due to males maturing very early).  G.gongylodes and P.paradoxa can be kept together in a communal tank even as adults, other species can be kept together when small if well fed but as large nymphs and adult will cannibalise each other.  Species which must be separated as large nymphs include Hierodula, sphrodomantis and Rhombodera.

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