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Bug StudioBug-CageBug-XL-Cage Brilliant website with everything you could possibly need for mantids sticks and bugs including expert style cages, information and professor phasmid. At Petbugs there is a wide range of resources on all types of insect and arachnids including praying mantids and stick insects
BugsDirectuk sell all sorts of insects including praying mantids also some more exotic types, live food and more - home of the alternative pet! Karen Baker has a good range of mantids including starter kits and more.  MantisUK home of the alternative pet.
Virginia Cheeseman has a large range of insects and arachnids also cages and other entomological supplies, she has open days so you can visit and "pick your own"

Monkfield nutrition have a fast reliable high quality service of live foods, crickets locusts and fruit flies and more.
Keeping easy exotic pets and plants in the UK - includes growing oranges and citrus, growing orchids, growing guava and carnivorous plants keeping insects, keeping and breeding amphibians Easy exotics sells every type of exotic insect, arachnid, reptiles, amphibians and carnivorous plants and orchids.  A brilliant online pet shop of the exotic.
Sylvester Jewellers Online resource for gold and diamonds, my fathers business so you could say a sponsor of mine - have a look please!
  wireless spy cameras Brilliant high quality wireless camera kits, can be placed in fish tanks, bird tables, inside holes, up a tree, in a bee hive!
BudgetSpyShop - spy cams Budget wireless video cameras, perfect for tiny critters.
CCTV Gadgets - CCTV cameras CCTV cameras
Natural herbal medicines Natural herbal resources and information

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