Stick insects exchange: Phasmids and Phyllium
Heteropteryx Dilatata

Extatosoma Tiaratum

Phyllium bioculatum

Phyllium giganteum

I'm afraid I wont be keeping anything this year as we are moving house, hope to start up again next year. There is a good insect show in London Kempton Park Race course end of summer each year and they normally have everything so would recommend a visit (I don't know the dates!).

Jungle nymph Heteropteryx Dilatata

Originating from Malaysia, this species has become very popular for their incredible looks and size.  Feed on Guava, bramble and oak among others.  23-26C, 60-70% humidity.  Long lived, 1.5 to 3 years, eggs incubate for 8 -12 months.

Large green, 16cm long, wide and bulky adult females can weigh up to 70grams when full of eggs.  Males are smaller, thinner and can fly. The light brown adult female is very heavily laden with eggs, her ovipositor (end of abdomen) is brown/black with peat where she has been carefully burying the eggs 1 to 3 inches deep in moist aged compost.

Maclays specter Extatosoma Tiaratum

Originating from Australia, large prickly species once kept widely for over 20 years in schools and private collections due to amazing looks and ease of keep.  Declined in the UK recently due to failing genetics of stock.  I have managed to gather good stock from various sources and should be able to obtain eggs from source in Australia so as to produce a very healthy strong stock of this totally amazing species.

Female nymph (above) A tank containing about 10 large nymphs.

Male nymph (above)